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About Me

How It Works

My name is Charles Unitas but friends call me "Duck". I've been in the building for a couple years now and I've had the pleasure of meeting many of the other residents. If I've met you already, hi, glad you took me up on this offer for a free headshot. If I haven't met you yet then hi, I look forward to meeting you and I'm also glad  you took me up on this offer for a free headshot.

My goal is to provide you with a quality portrait to help you promote your business. In return I hope you spread the word. about my business. Likewise, I will help spread your word by showcasing your photo in my own advertising.

If you want to learn more about me feel free to read about me and browse my various portfolios on this site. Just don't forget the link to this secret page so you can finish the registration process.


This is a limited time offer on a first come, first serve basis.

1• Pick a minimum of two available time slots (first choice, second choice) from the schedule at right. Time slots are on a first come, first served basis.

2• Click on the Schedule My Session button below. A dialog box will appear. Use "Headshot schedule" or something like that in the subject line.

3• In the message section enter the following information. Not providing the proper information will delay scheduling and possibly losing your prefered time slots.

Your complete name (first and last)
— Your business name & suite number
— Your email address
— First choice time slot
— Second choice time slot (add a third if you wish)

4• If the time slots are available you will get a confirmation email confirming your time.

5• You will also receive a release form and some helpful hints about your photo session. YOU MUST HAVE A SIGNED RELEASE OR I WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE YOUR PHOTO. I will have extra releases available on the day of the shoot.

Some Helpful Hints

Here are some useful suggestions to help your portrait session succeed:

• Get plenty of sleep the night before and drink plenty of water. It helps your skin.

• Wear clothes in a classic style. Neutral colors work best (browns, blues, grays).

• Avoid loud prints, florals, plaids or obnoxious colors. If possible, avoid white shirts or blouses. Collars and button downs look best.

• No sleeveless blouses, no scarves or hats. 

• Preferably, remove jewelry (at least necklaces). Avoid large dangle earrings.

• Have your hair done properly and bring a brush or comb to the session.

• Ladies, wear your 'daytime' makeup. No heavy eyeshadow, smoky eyes or neon lipstick.

• Props are okay but they should be relevant (see my photo above).

Above all, relax. This is supposed to be fun!

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