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Artistic Portraiture

Combining photography and digital illustration, these one of a kind art portraits are sure to impress family and friends. Step away from traditional portraits and go with something fun and unique. 

Graphic Design

Utilizing my graphic design background, the following are various projects I have created for past clients. Projects range from simple logo designs to multi-faceted ad campaigns, brochure layouts and spot graphics.

Personal Commissions

These images reflect work not categorized into my food or product photography genres but rather a broad selection that reflects the style and type of imagery I can create for you.

Environmental portrait

Environmental portrait

This image was used by Rachel for self promotion on her social media sites and marketing material.

Digital Illustrations

this is just a showcase of various illustrations and photo manipulations I have created. Most of these are private commissions.

If you are looking for spot illustrations, icons or other graphic elements for your website, please contact me and we can discuss the specifics of your project.

* All the graphics on this web site have been custom created by me.



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