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Just a little about myself.

I am a lifelong visual artist. My background is in commercial graphic design. I have worked in sign manufacturing, textile imprinting, web design, commercial illustration and the body art industry. In all those years it has always been about the client's needs.

Additionally, I am an educator, having privately taught art and photography through various outlets over the last 20 years. It is my pleasure to continue sharing my experience with others and to that end I hope you find the information in these newsletters useful.

What will you find?

Topics will vary from month to month but it will relate to the small business owner in some way. Whether you sell products, provide a service or run a restaurant, I hope to bring you something of value. These articles may reflect my personal observations, interesting content I may come across or events that are happening in and around my work that may be of interest.

Here are some examples of typical article subjects you can find in this newsletter;

● Social media advertising and traditional print advertising

● Branding, marketing and business news and trends

● Web design, UX design and web applications

● Do it yourself solutions to many issues faced by small businesses

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