Understanding Depth of Field

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Want to get that soft focus in the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus? The answer lies in your camera lens.

This workshop is a hands-on look at how different lenses and different focal lengths will change the quality of your depth of field.

What you need

As this is a hands on workshop you will definitely need your camera and all your lenses. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen to write notes. We will be shooting a series of exposures at varying focal lengths with all your lenses. The notepad will help you keep track of all the configurations. I will supply the rest of the tools needed.

What will be covered

In this workshop we will discuss;

• Exposure triangle and how depth of field fits into the triangle

• Focal length and depth of field compression

• How aperture affects depth of field

• Choosing the right aperture for the right depth of field

• Shooting manual or aperture priority

Of course I will also be available to answer any question you may have.


This is a beginner workshop. More advanced shooters who have an understanding of depth of field may find this workshop too elementary.

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