Product Photography for Home Crafters

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Walk into any department store or supermarket and you will see product photos everywhere. Manufacturers pay millions of dollars a year to make their products look glamorous, delicious, rich, enticing and all kinds of sexy for the sole purpose of getting consumers to buy them.

If you are you a creative entrepreneur with something to sell wouldn't you like to have that same advantage? Wouldn't you like to know how to make your own products look enticing to your customers? If you sell your creations online through platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, Ebay and others you need to bring your product photos to an new level in order to compete.

By learning some of the basic techniques and spending a little time to perfect your photographic skills you can gain that next level without having to spend a ton of money. This workshop is designed to give you an introduction to creating cleaner, well lit photos of your creative products by utilizing tools you either already have or are easily accessible.

What will be covered

• A brief introduction to how a camera sees light

• What light modifiers are and how they work

• How to make light modifiers with materials already found in your home

• How best to place your lights to showcase your creation

• Posing your creations for best presentation

• Simple editing techniques to make your creations 'pop'

During the workshop I  will introduce you to some of the psychological motivators behind buying and how product images are slanted towards those impulses. I will also go over some of the most commonly encountered problems and how they can be overcome with a little logic and application of some  lighting principles.

What to bring

Definitely bring a notebook. I will be giving out handouts to take home with you but it's often better if you take your own notes.

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