Multiplicity Self Portrait

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This is a simple yet fun photo project to add to your collection of self-portraits. While this is easy enough to do on your own, it is even easier with a little help. Check out these Multiplicity Ideas on Pinterest.

For this project you will pair off with another member. While one person is posing their partner will be guiding the pose and operating the camera. After we have had a chance to get a set of images we'll change it up by shooting at a different location for another set of images.

Topics of Discussion

• Tips & tricks for creating interactions
• Best camera options for creating a scene
• How to plot points in 3D for best 2D presentation
• How to effectively work with a partner

What to Bring

You will definitely need a tripod. You can't do this without it. If you don't have one we will pair you up with someone who does so don't worry. With the tripod you will also need a shutter release cable or remote trigger. We will be using available light but you can bring your off-camera flash setup or reflectors for any fill light you may want.

* If you don't have a shutter release cable/remote make sure you know how to set your camera for 'self-timer' mode.

If you want to get creative, bring a variety of clothing options to change into between poses. When you compose the final image it will add to the illusion of being different you's (as seen above). You can also bring props to interact with. Be creative. Ideas include, but are not limited, to;

• Hats, scarves, robes, coats, capes, fake beard or mustache, wigs and other pieces of costuming
• Umbrellas, canes, stilts, bags, boxes, books, magazines, party favors
• Balloons, jump rope, kite, ball, rackets, bat and glove and other sports stuff
• Small ladder or high stool for 'levitation' effects
• Think in terms of a theme suitable to the location.

Do Some Research

Think in terms of what would make for a story if you were photographing two, three or four people (except you will be playing all the parts). Remember that the more complex the setup the more work you need to put into it. Resources are minimal and you'll have to consider logistics including wardrobe changes and buggy-lugging props. You can still be creative while keeping it simple. Google 'multiplicity' for examples of what others have done.

Post Processing Your Multiplicity Photos

If a post processing demonstration is scheduled

Join me after for a quick explanation on post processing your images. It's a simple task with any editing program that allows you to work with layers. I will be using Photoshop CC for this demonstration.

** Some comfortability with photo editing is required to assemble multiple images into a single image.

Post Processing Online Video

If a post processing demonstration is not scheduled

I have put together a video tutorial that takes you through the process of assembling multiple images into a single multiplicity photo. While I am using Photoshop CC any photo editing program that allows the use of layers can be used.

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