Introduction to Digital Photography

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Now that you have that large expensive digital  camera with all those fancy lenses it's time to put it to use. But where to start?

There are more buttons than you know what to do with and the concept of the "exposure triangle" is just a bit out of reach right now.

This workshop is a small intimate, no pressure introduction to the rich and rewarding world of digital photography. Part instruction and part Q&A, you will get the chance to learn some of the more elusive functions of basic photography. In this workshop no question is a dumb question.

The focus is to get you comfortable using your camera in available light situations. I will be right there to walk you through the steps needed to get proper exposure, good composition and some sense of self confidence. This is your chance to have someone right next to you to answer all your questions. You will get motivated to push yourself out of your comfort zone and overcome whatever hurdles you have with your camera. All in a safe and friendly environment.

What will be covered

The ultimate goal is to get you started in making the decisions about your photos rather than the camera making them. In other words, to get you out of full auto mode. I will discuss different light scenarios and how to determine baseline setting for all types of light and how to use your camera's built-in meter.

We will also cover lens selection, perspectives and depth of field. I'll show you how to ensure tack sharp photos under various shooting situations and how to adjust to variations in your shooting environment.

What to Bring

In order to keep things simple and uniform for all participants we will be concentrating on available light shooting only, however there are some basic pieces of equipment everyone should have in their kit.

• Camera - This is geared to dSLR and micro 4/3 cameras or any camera that has a manual mode.Can't take pictures without a camera.

• Instruction manual - Just in case you need to look something up. (TIP: Download the PDF version of your manual and store it on your smartphone or tablet for easy access.)

• Lenses - We'll be doing a variety of shot types from close up to wide angle to telephoto. Bring all your lenses if you're unsure of which ones you should bring.

The last thing you definitely need to bring is a list of questions to problems you may be having.

What are some of the hurdles you're trying to overcome with your photography; Is it getting correct exposure, is it getting artistic depth of field?

Start writing them down now so that you are prepared when it's crunch time.

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