Intro to Adobe Lightroom Classic

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Adobe's Lightroom Content Management and Editing program is a very popular tool for many photographers. It is well designed and can get the beginner editing their photos in a short amount of time. It is also a very powerful program containing many tools and functions that, when understood, will help the advanced user speed their editing process immeasurably.

The biggest complaint with many beginners though is the initial learning curve. While learning to push sliders can easily be figured out, the underlying structure isn't as easy to discover.

This can be structured as a hands-on workshop or as a demonstration. As a workshop, attendees will have the ability to work through a complete image workflow from ingest to output. As a demonstration I will explain how to structure your system in order to work effectively with Lightroom, beginning with the file structure and moving through a typical workflow.

Topics Covered

• Organizing your images outside of Lightroom

• Overview of the various modules in Lightroom

• Explanation of a typical workflow from ingest to output

• How Lightroom integrates with Photoshop and other third party programs

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