How to Use a Light Meter

Whether on location or in a studio, if you are using off camera flash one of the most important tools you can have is the light meter.

Designed to read the short burst of light emitted from a strobe, the light meter is a simple tool that tends to intimidate most photographers just learning to use strobe lighting. It's time to take that intimidation away.

What will be covered

In this workshop you will learn the basics of using a light meter;

• The basic settings and proper methods of reading a light meter

• Determining your camera's settings based on the light readings

• Setting your lights based on a predefined camera setting

• How to set light ratios with multiple lights

• Balancing ambient light with flash

• Controlling your lighting zones

What to bring

If you have your own light meter, feel free to bring it.

Bring your camera as you will have the chance to take meter readings as you set your camera to those readings. Make sure you have fresh batteries and a clear memory card.

You might also find a notepad comes in handy.

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