Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic

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Adobe's Lightroom Content Management and Editing program is a very popular tool for many photographers. It is well designed and can get the beginner editing their photos in a short amount of time. It is also a very powerful program containing many tools and functions that, when understood, will help the advanced user speed their editing process immeasurably.

This workshop deals specifically with the editing module.

• You will understand how LR handles image processing

• Become familiar with the editing module tools

• Get a basic understanding of how to manipulate tones to enhance an image

• Explore editing methods for efficient editing, editing multiple images at one time, applying global edits and more.

• You will understand how to create and use editing presets that make sense and simplify the editing process.

Expected Results

You will understand how LR handles image editing and do hands on editing of several images; portrait, landscape, black and white conversion in order to get a sense of how all the tools work and what a standard editing workflow is.

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