Beyond the Rule of Thirds

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Run Time: Approx 2 hrs

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The Rule of Thirds, that compositional crutch every new photographer is taught to help them create stronger compositions. The problem with this rule is that all too often the learning of composition stops there. Any deviation is often referred to as "breaking the rules" because in true art there are "no rules". The problem with that logic is that all too often "breaking the rule" is simply substituting it with another rule the photographer is not aware of.

In truth, one rule is being switched for another and in the end, a rule is applied, often badly. This lecture should probably be called, "I followed the Rule of Thirds but my images still suck!" Hopefully not after you watch this presentation as I explain the various other rules of composition not often discussed or taught to the beginning artist.

Many of these compositional rules have their foundations in early classical art from such masters while some are rooted in psychological principles. This lecture will explore these structures and how they apply in modern photography.

Topics Covered

• The basics of the Rule of Thirds

• Other common and not so commonly used compositional rules

• How to read an image

• 8 Principles of good Composition

• Geometric and Psychological principles of composition

Sample Slides

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