Basics of Flash Photography

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For many new photographers, getting a proper exposure with natural light is easy to achieve. Add flash and suddenly the concepts of photography fly out the window. Sure, it's scary. Yes, it can be difficult to grasp but it doesn't have to be.

This workshop is designed to break down lighting basics and help start demystifying the process of using flash. I don't want you thinking you will be getting a full understanding of how flash photography works in one session. Hopefully, though, you will lose your fear of experimenting with it on your own.

The topic will be general flash use. The principles learned will apply to small speedlights as they do to larger monolights. You will also be introduced to various types of light modifiers, like umbrellas and softboxes.

For the practical part of this workshop, we will be working with a single light setup you can replicate in your own home or studio. Participants will be photographing each other so dress nice for the workshop.

You'll walk away with some new knowledge and maybe a new headshot.

What will be covered

• A comparison between the exposure triangle and the exposure quadrangle

• Explanation and demonstration of light fall off

• Rundown of light modifiers and how they affect light

• Basics of light placement

What to bring

Definitely bring your camera with fresh batteries and a clean memory card. A nice 'portrait lens' will suffice. You might also want to bring a notepad to jot down notes. Everything else will be provided.

Remember, dress nice, comb your hair and bring your smile.

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