One on One Sessions

Group workshops, lectures and demonstrations can be a fun, social way of gaining and sharing knowledge. It can also be very frustrating if you don't get the specific information you want or need. For those times, a personalized teaching environment is best. I provide one on one mentoring and skill building sessions at a reasonable fee. Click on the button at below for more information.

Camera Clubs & Groups

I have a passion for teaching. While every club has different needs and social structures the one thing they share is a thirst for knowledge that will help their members get better results. Knowledge sharing strengthens the industry and encourages active participation in our shared passion.

If you run a photography club, meetup group or some other type of club or group such as a youth group, business club, marketing group or similar, and are interested in presenting a workshop, lecture or demonstration, feel free to contact me with your ideas. My background and experience allows me to structure a presentation geared to your specific group's goals.

Some suggested examples may be;

• How to format images for internet use
• Photographing products for home crafters
• The power of imagery in e-commerce

Workshops, Lectures & Demonstrations

When it comes to learning photography there are countless topics that can be addressed by a workshop, lecture or demonstration. Below are some of my more popular presentations I have offered but it is not a complete list.

For convenience, I have arranged the list according to a loose skill ranking system. This should help you identify the target audience for each of these prepared topics.

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Intro to Digital Photography


This workshop is a small intimate, no pressure introduction to the rich and rewarding world of digital photography.

Part instruction and part Q&A, you will get the chance to learn some of the more elusive functions of basic photography. In this workshop no question is a dumb question.

Intro to Digital - Walkabaout

Hands-on Workshop

Having trouble understanding the concepts of photography?
Images not coming out the way you expected?
Wish you had someone next to you to explain things?

Join me for a casual, intimate walk as we explore our surroundings and work at creating consistently better images.

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Understanding Exposure


The best control is full control.

In order to have that control with a digital camera you need to understand the principles of the exposure triangle. This seminar probes deeper into the relationship between light and the camera's sensor and how it's interpreted.

Understanding Depth of Field

Hands-on Workshop

Want to get that soft focus in the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus? The answer lies in your camera lens.

This workshop is a hands-on look at how different lenses and different focal lengths will change the quality of your depth of field.

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Basics of Flash Photography

Demonstration / Workshop

This workshop is designed to break down lighting basics and help start demystifying the process of using flash. I don't want you thinking you will be getting a full understanding of how flash photography works in one session. Hopefully, though, you will lose your fear of experimenting with it on your own.

How to Use a Light Meter

Demonstration / Workshop

Whether on location or in a studio, if you are using off camera flash one of the most important tools you can have is the light meter. This workshop will introduce you to the basic functions of the meter and remove the intimidation of using it with strobe lighting.

Beyond the Rule of Thirds


The Rule of Thirds is a compositional crutch new photographers are taught to help them create stronger compositions. The problem with this rule is that all too often the teaching ends there.

This lecture is designed to explore beyond the rule of thirds into compositions not often discussed with new artists. We will also explore some of the early history and how they apply in modern photography.

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Advanced Flash Photography

Demonstration / Workshop

This workshop expands on the basics and introduces concepts for multiple flash setups. These principles apply to both small speedlights and larger monolights.

Zone System in the Digital Age


Back in 1939-40 Ansel Adams and Fred Archer came up with a system to codify a process of controlling optimal film exposure and development resulting in what is referred to as the Zone System.

While the original methodology does not translate directly to digital photography, the fundamentals do. This lecture delves beyond the typical understanding of exposure to explain its use for controlling exposure as it applies to digital.

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Intro to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Demonstration / Workshop

Adobe's Lightroom Content Management and Editing program is very powerful, containing many tools and functions that, when understood, will help the advanced user speed their editing process immeasurably. The biggest complaint with beginners though is the initial learning curve. This demonstration will get you started working with Lightroom.

Editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Demonstration / Workshop

Adobe's Lightroom Content Management and Editing program is very popular and can get the beginner editing their photos in a short amount of time.

This demosntration will walk you through a typical image editing workflow, giving you a place to start in your own process. Tips, tricks and shortcuts will also be shared.

Lightroom Intensive


Adobe's Lightroom Content Management and Editing program is very popular and can get you editing photos in a short amount of time. It can also be very frustrating for beginners.

This hands-on, one-on-one workshop will walk you through the entire program, from setting up your library to creating presets to establishing a structured workflow. Split into five modules, it can be spread over a period of five sessions or a weekend of intense learning.

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Multiplicity Self Portrait

Hands-on Workshop

This simple yet fun photo project adds a twist to self-portraits. While easy enough to do on your own, it is even easier with a partner.

For this project you will pair off with another attendee. While one person is posing their partner will be guiding the pose and operating the camera. After we have had a chance to get a set of images we'll change it up by shooting at a different location for another set of images.

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