Image Licensing

Intellectual Property

Any work or invention derived from the mind of a creator that results in an intellectual product is considered intellectual property. This includes writings, music, photos, paintings, mechanical inventions or designs, and such. Basically anything that can be copyrighted, patented or trademarked is considered to be intellectual property.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

By default, the creator of an intellectual property retains ownership of that property. Exclusion to this may be work for hire or whereby an entity holding agreement to creative rights retains ownership. That ownership is typically agreed upon prior to the creation of intellectual property and held by contract.

Licensing of intellectual Property

A license is a written agreement for usage of intellectual property between the creator of that property and the end user. Terms of a license (rights) can range from full unrestricted use to one with lots of restrictions. This is where it gets tricky and contracts come into play. Simply put, a license gives you specific permission to use someone else's work. A license also stipulates what kind of compensation (royalty) the creator receives for that use.

Transfer of Ownership of Intellectual Property

On rare occasions the creator of intellectual property will transfer all ownership rights to someone else. As mentioned above it could be because the creator works for someone else or is hired simply to create without benefit of ownership. This is typically done for monetary compensation (work for hire).

How does it relate to my images?

The event photos presented here are the property of Unitas Photography. In such, they belong to me. By downloading or purchasing a print you are obtaining a license from me to use these images for your personal use only. Brag about them on Facebook, hang them on your wall, add them to your photo album or print them as a gift items. You just can not use them for commercial gain. This includes any business promotional use on a website, in print or video format, without my consent.

To use any image from any collection on this site for your commercial use please contact me directly to discuss licensing terms. You'd be surprised how easy it is.

Thank you

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