Contact Information

The most practical method of contacting me is by email. I have provided a handy 'contact form'  button below to my online email form. In order to provide you the best possible response please include as much information about your project. I typically respond within one to two business days.

I can also be reached through the following phone numbers and email address;

• 203-828-7235 -  mobile, please leave a message

Pricing and Quoting

Pricing is based on a sliding scale determined by creative costs, production costs and licensing fees. Simple products shot in bulk for print or web catalogs against a white background will be discounted in bulk appropriately. If you are looking for a bid please call me directly.

Most work is done in studio but arrangements can be made for location work.

* Please note: If you are looking for "Unitas Photography" out of Maryland, that is a completely different studio run by a distant relative. Sorry, he does not have a website.

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