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Products on White

Products photographed on a white background achieve a great deal of versatility in today's online marketplace. Here are just some of the benefits;

• Clean, uncluttered view of your product without a distracting background

• Flexible, integrating seamlessly into many standard e-commerce enabled websites

• Versatile for manipulating into more complex layouts, adding text and using clipping paths

• Cost effective, as there are no additional visual layout elements to coordinate

Products on white are also easier to photograph in bulk, saving money (called pack pricing). For pack pricing it is preferred products be grouped into categories based on similarity of items in order to take advantage of lighting setups.

My studio can handle small to moderate sized tabletop items. Larger, heavier or bulkier items can be photographed on location and may incur additional expenses. Please inquire about any special needs.

Multiple Product Views

I am a big proponent of showing online customers multiple views of a product. There is nothing more frustrating than needing to find the right product and not being able to tell because the vendor only included one image. Usually the best side, but there are other sides to a product.

For this reason, when you request a product shoot from me you will receive three views (rotated on a single axis) for the price of one. Typically the three views will be a flat view, a 3/4 front and 3/4 rear view, views being dependant on the type of product or packaging. With other companies it's one price, one image. These three views typically is sufficient to showcase all sides of a product for online sales.

Additional images, such as closeups of features, inside views or bottom views can be requested for an additional fee. My graphic design skill allows me to add custom elements to your images such as dimension (as shown above), labels, insets and more. If you have an idea feel free to pass it by me.

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