Preparing your Products for Photography

To ensure your product gets represented properly and to its best ability I have created a guide to help you prepare your product for the photo shoot. Please take the time to make yourself acquainted with these guidelines in order to make the process productive and minimize potential problems.

Product Selection

Online, the only connection your customer has with your product is through the images you present to them. For this reason your images needs to look their very best. Just like a portrait adds ten pounds to a person, a product photo emphasizes visible flaws. A rule of thumb is; the smaller the product the more exaggerated the flaw appears. This has to be taken into account when selecting products for photography.

Your images will go through standard post processing retouching to correct for minor flaws and remove dust specs and minor blemishes. This is an involved process that can be minimized by carefully selecting products that are in pristine condition. Some of the most common issues to consider are;

Dust and dirt in creases, crevices, joints and recesses

• Surface scratches, scrapes, dings and dents on surface areas, raised areas, corners and edges

• Stains or discoloration on flat or porous  surfaces

• Folds, creases and wrinkles on flat surfaces, fabrics, labels and packaging

• Rips, frays and holes in textiles and other soft materials

Products requiring special attention may require additional handling fees. If a stylist is required for such processes as ironing, assembling, preparing, etc. it will be quoted prior to the production date.

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