Product Photography Services

Products on White

Products photographed on a white background achieve a great deal of versatility in today's online marketplace. Here are just some of the benefits;

• Clean, uncluttered view of your product without a distracting background

• Flexible, integrating seamlessly into many standard e-commerce enabled websites

• Versatile for manipulating into more complex layouts, adding text and using clipping paths

• Cost effective, as there are no additional visual layout elements to coordinate

Products on white are also easier to photograph in bulk, saving you money. For pack pricing it is preferred that products be grouped into categories based on similarity of items in order to take advantage of lighting setups.

My studio can handle really small to moderately large items up to about 6' and that are able to be maneuvered through a standard door opening. Larger, heavier or bulkier items can be photographed on location and may incur additional expenses. Please inquire about any special needs.

I offer free curbside pickup up for companies within 30 minutes drive of my studio.

Typical standard views for a product on white

  • 3D Product Block for web
  • 3D Product Block for web
  • 3D Product Block for web

360° Product Rotations

The ability to view a product in 360° gives the consumer that feeling of handling a product, increasing turnover rates.

A 360° product spin consists of 16 images (more images create a smoother rotation), photographed separately, and presented to the client in sequence, the most common rotation is along the Y axis. Because rotations are created by individual images some special effects can be incorporated into the spin such as; product opening and closing, switching from one axis rotation (Y axis) to a second (X axis) and more.

Some products can benefit from alternate rotations, such as along the X axis, which rotates the image front to back rather than side to side. Since these rotations are created from multiple individual images, you can customize the rotations for a unique view of your product.

Combine this with a few select static "features" images and you can give your customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

Untitled photo

Presentation product photography

If you're looking for images with more impact beyond the standard product on white, consider custom crafted images that fit your company's brand. I can incorporate colored backgrounds, styled sets or high impact "hero" shots of your product.

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