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How Important is Visual Imagery?

E-commerce is continually growing and developing as internet technology advances. According to, "as of 2011, market data showed that over 70% of all adult internet users in the US made online purchases."

They also estimate that, "the total number of digital shoppers worldwide grew by over 100 million between 2011 and 2012, and is expected to keep on growing." states that, "while 49% of online shoppers cite not being able to touch, feel or try a product as one of their least favorite aspects of online shopping,"  78% of those polled say it is, "images of products they want a website to have."

This makes logical sense since online shoppers can not physically touch or try a product prior to making a purchase. Having the right images can make or break a sale.

Products on White

Products on white allows the final image to be implemented in all standard ecommerce sites and complies with Amazon standards. Each item is photographed three times from a single rotational axis allowing an almost 360° view of your product. Typically this will be a ¾ front view and a ¾ rear left and rear right view but any combination of three views can be done so long as they are on a single rotation. Images will be delivered as a high resolution image and at your specified size(s) to make implementation into your ecommerce site as painless as possible.

If you require graphic design elements added to any of the images (text, dimensions, instructions, arrows, etc.) please ask. Depending on the scope of the work requested, design work may require additional fees.

All images are digitally delivered in JPEG format through a secure gallery on my website. If you need other format types please let me know. All images come with an exclusive, perpetual, unlimited, worldwide, non-transferable use license. Copyright and all other rights not specified in the contract will be retained by me.

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