Cosplay Portraits

You have probably put a lot of your personal money and sweat equity, not to mention all those man hours, into perfecting your cosplay outfit. Isn't it about time you showcased that investment into a cinematic portrait?

Go beyond the cellphone snapshot

I'm sure you have lots of photos of yourself in your costume. They're all probably taken by you or your friends with your cellphone at a Comic Con or Reenactment event you attended. While I'm sure these are all nice images, they're probably at some less than beautiful location with lots of people around. You're not doing your character justice.

Take the photo op to another level with a creatively crafted, properly lit, beautifully edited and processed, magazine quality image you'll be proud to show off.

Lights, Camera, Action

There are two levels to choose from, depending on your desired results; a formal studio session or a location shot for a more cinematic feel.

Studio shots are great for highlighting your character and showing off the work you put into your outfit. think of it as a portrait session in character.

Location shots have more production value, often playing on the persona of the character. In these shots all the special effects and photographic tricks can be employed to add to the fantasy of your character. Your only limit is imagination.

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