Headshots & Portraits

Headshots are a needed part of today's business and social media landscapes. In today's market where information is at our virtual fingertips, customers demand a more personal approach to marketing. A professional headshot offers that personal touch.

My headshot packages include two (one left and one right facing), edited and digitally delivered images. No prints are delivered. Your portrait can be taken either at your home or business office or at my studio located in downtown Shelton.

Location settings can be on a white, light gray or black background or, if your location allows, some form of environmental background found on the premises.

Studio packages can be done on white, light or dark gray, black or a few select background colors. For a small, nominal fee I can also edit in virtual backgrounds if you need to match a specific brand style.

Digitally delivered

Headshot images are high resolution images suitable for printing on brochures, newsletters and corporate reports. This package includes two high resolution (3200px), edited and digitally delivered images. No physical prints are delivered.

Other Resolutions

Lower resolution images can be created and are best suited for internet use such as member profiles or directories, social media accounts or can even be used for printing on business cards. If you require images at smaller resolutions I will be more than happy to accommodate.

Additional Expenses

• $30 minimum travel charge beyond 20 mile or 30 min. drive from my Shelton studio

• 3 person minimum for location setups

Background Choices


Unitas Photography - John-L_8110


Walter Murphy-3103


Unitas Photography - Mickle_02




Unitas Photography - IMG_0040


Santa Mike-0025

Business Headshots

Business is about connecting people with products and services. Your business portrait can be a workhorse behind the scenes to foster a connection of trust with your customers and establish brand awareness. An effective business portrait can be used for:

Corporate Websites, Business Cards and more

Your corporate website is where clients and prospects learn about your products or services and about you and your staff. Matched with business cards, it helps establish an intimate connection.

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites offer clients different ways to stay in contact with your business. Personalize the experience with high-quality business photos which reinforce your image and help customers identify with your brand.

Marketing, Advertising and Publicity

Reach out to your clients with a personal touch. Adding your portrait into your marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns makes your business approachable and personal.

Corporate Communications, Investor Relations

Annual reports, newsletters, executive presentations, investor packages, etc. reinforce your company's brand and helps foster a working relationship among clients, investors and stakeholders.


If you run a service related company, establishing a personal connection with your clients is essential. Your business portrait helps build trust by including it in your emails, connecting you with the service in your client's eyes.

Social Media Portraits

A less formal form of the corporate headshot, these portraits tend to be more casual. Show your clients the real you. With the increased use of social media however, it makes sense to have images that convey a sense of professionalism, even if it's in a less formal manner.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Profile Image, Web Avatar, Personal Website Profile

Not everything needs to have a formal 'business' look but as a professional, nothing sells professionalism to clients more than having professional looking images that extend beyond your corporate or business site. The face you present in public is what you will be known by and an underexposed, duck lipped cell phone selfie is a surefire image killer.

Have fun while expressing your inner self

People want to know who they will be doing business with and sites like Facebook and Twitter are the principal places clients go to find out who they will be dealing with. The image you present on social media should receive the same care and attention you give to your professional brand. While that brand may be all business, your social media brand can reflect your playful side.

Cosplay Portraits

Are you into cosplay? Consider doing a photo session to capture the magic of all the hard work you put into your creation. Cosplay sessions are designed to really enhance the character of your alter ego. Call me to discuss all the possibilities.


Family Portraits

Call 203-828-7235 to book your appointment today

Portable setups available for on-location studio quality portraits and environmental headshots.

Portable setups available for on-location studio quality portraits and environmental headshots.

Studio or Location

I know your time is often limited in a business environment. My mobile studio can be set up in a corner, minimizing the intrusion in the work day. This is a great way of ensuring the entire staff is available for their headshots.

Alternatively, individuals can come to my studio for their portraits on a scheduled basis.

Family portraits can be done either in studio or on location. For that personal touch nothing beats either your home or your family's favorite destination.

Cosplay portraits are typically done at various locations determined by their character and how we want to present them, unless you want a more 'formal' look. The sky's the limit.

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