Food Photography

Google, Yelp,  OpenTable, Zagat... These and many other internet venues have become standard resources of information for restaurant goers. Today's savvy consumers will research a potential restaurant, not only for reviews, but also for menus.

In planning for a night out to eat, people not only want to hear what others think of your restaurant but also see the kind of food they should expect from their visit.

Online menus are the most requested feature by website visitors and a great way to appeal to your customer's appetite.

Studio vs. Location Shooting

For greatest control and results it is preferred to photograph dishes in my studio, however I do not have a full service kitchen. All food shoots requiring complex preparations can be done on location, preferably when the restaurant is closed. Food items that do not need a full service kitchen can be photographed in my studio (drinks, sandwiches, pre prepared foods, etc.) With creativity some plates can also be prepared on a hotplate in the studio.

Working with a stylist

In order for food to look its best in a photo it needs to be styled. This requires careful placement of all elements on the dish as well as the setting, props and other environmental settings. At minimum I will coordinate with your chef on simple styling. For complex or hero images it is strongly suggested hiring a professional stylist. If you do not have one in mind I can provide you with references.

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