Event and Editorial Services

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Having a social media presence is an integral part of doing business in today's market. It is part of maintaining a positive and visible brand. Photographing your event for promotion instills a sense of community involvement and should be a strong part of your public relations.

Types of Events

• Corporate Events - Open house, picnic, product launch, office party, award ceremony

• School Events - Sports competition, theater or dance performance, faculty dinners

• Conventions and Fundraisers - Tradeshows, expos, exhibitions

• Rallies and Campaigns - Political campaigns, activist rallies, fundraiser

• Grand Openings - Franchises, remodel, new location

• Fairs, Festivals and Celebrations - Vendors and participants

Delivery Schedule

Depending on the size and scope of the event and the number of images, you can expect delivery anywhere from next day for a small event to two or five business days for larger events.

Image Usage

Images taken at events are considered editorial in nature and can be freely used in all your social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram,  Linkedin), newspaper and broadcast outlets (local newspapers, television news, social blogs, YouTube) and internally for public relations (website, blog, newsletter).

They may not be used in product or service advertising, packaging or other commercial advertising. These outlets will require a separate license. Please inquire for any additional use. If in doubt, please ask.

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