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Client Services

Product Photography

Internet sales and social media have raised the level of competition for businesses. In this new and rapidly evolving marketplace what worked in the past has limited impact now.

My background in graphic design and knowledge of web layout will ensure you receive responsive images that will boost customer turnover, increasing your sales potential.

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Food Photography

Restaurant patrons will regularly visit Google, Yelp, Open Table or Zagat and other internet sites to read reviews and browse menus. Tasteful images convey a sense of the ambience and tone that bring in reservations.

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Event & Editorial Photography

Having a social media presence is an integral part of doing business in today's market and part of maintaining a positive and visible brand. Promoting your event instills a sense of community involvement and should be a strong part of your public relations. My media knowledge and expertise will increase your company's sales through visuals that communicate your uniqueness and capture clients.

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Headshots & Portraiture

No longer reserved for corporate CEOs, politicians and realtors, the headshot is a vital tool for anyone doing business on social media.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and countless online business platforms require you to promote your best view. Duck-lipped selfies and mirror snapshots are surefire failures and instant business killers.

Perhaps business isn't your thing but your weekend alter ego is. Wouldn't it be cool to have incredibly fun images of you in your cosplay outfit doing incredible stuff? It's all possible with today's digital tools.

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