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e-commerce, on white, composites, 360° rotations

Internet sales and social media have raised competition in this new and rapidly evolving marketplace. What worked in the past has limited impact now. Responsive images that boosts customer turnover helps increase your sales potential.

Food & Beverage

print & online menus, social media, food, beverage

Restaurant patrons will regularly visit Google, Yelp, Open Table or Zagat and other internet sites to read reviews and browse menus. Tasteful images convey a sense of the ambiance and tone that bring in reservations.

Brand Marketing

social media, lifestyle, promotional

Building brand awareness has expanded into social media circles and the competition is high. Leverage your brand with carefully constructed images that promotes your products or services in their best light.

Corporate Portraiture

website, business cards, annuals, social media

website, business cards, annuals, social media

No longer reserved for corporate CEOs, politicians and realtors, the headshot is a vital tool for anyone doing business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and the countless other social media platforms. Cellphone clicked selfies and quick snapshots are surefire failures and instant business killers.

Local • Convenient • Accessible • Affordable

Serving the Southern Connecticut area, Unitas Photography caters to the small and medium sized business market, providing a wide array of visual imaging products and services. From still photography for print and e-commerce to graphic design and spot illustrations.

In partnership with trusted associates, Unitas Photography can also provide video & motion graphic services and voice-over talent for advertising and telephony. These services are individually designed to meet your needs.

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  • 2019-08-20T14:35:46.038-04:00

    Don Julio - Hero Shot
    For starters, a hero shot is one in which the product is showcased in all its splendor. Careful attention is placed on making the product look its very best. For this shot of Don Julio I knew I wanted to give the bottle some majesty by photographing it from a low angle. That low angle makes the bottle look tall, towering over the viewer and creating a position of dominance. Can't you hear the choir of angels singing in the background?

    I also knew that I wanted a rich, moody image with lots of darks. I am partial to darker images, which is surprising to most people because the majority of the work I do are images on white backgrounds. But that's another story. I also tried a lifestyle type shot with glasses and lime slices but I wasn't feeling it and ended up scrapping it. Again, that's another story.
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About Duck

What can I help you with?

My given name is Charles, but friends just call me "Duck".

I am a lifelong visual artist with a background in commercial graphic design. I have worked in sign manufacturing, textile imprinting, web & logo design, commercial illustration and the body art industry. In all those years it has always been about the client's needs.

Additionally, I am an educator, having privately taught art and photography through various outlets over the last 20 years. It is my pleasure to continue sharing my experience with others. Find me on Meetup at My-Photo-Group and

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