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1on1 Private Sessions

Humans learn in three ways; hearing, seeing and doing. The most effective way is to use all three at the same time but unfortunately most learning material touches on two at a time. Video, the most popular method of learning today, covers the hearing and seeing and leaves the doing to chance. Books are even worse as it leaves you only with listening to the author's words.

For most people, workshops, good workshops, target all three access points to learning effectively. The downside to any workshop is that learning is often structured to the least common denominator. If someone doesn't grasp the material the whole group slows to accommodate that one person. If you can relate to that frustration then one on one sessions may fit your needs.


• Camera basics

• Exposure

• Care and handling


• Beyond the exposure triangle

• Metering and ratios

• Understanding modifiers


• Photo editing in Lightroom

• Organization and storage

• Exporting for screen and print

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