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Headshots & Portraits

Business Headshots

Your corporate headshot is often your first online introduction to your clients. Having professional looking images instills a sense of confidence. My goal is to help you elevate your brand or image by providing professional, fresh, approachable photography that instantly connects with your target audience.

Social Media Portraits

A less formal form of the corporate headshot, these portraits tend to be more casual. Show your clients the real you. Use these as a secondary headshot or as your profile image for Facebook, Instagram and others.

Cosplay Portraits

Are you into cosplay? Consider doing a photo session to capture the magic of all the hard work you put into your creation. Cosplay sessions are designed to really enhance the character of your alter ego. Call me to discuss all the possibilities.

Studio or On Location

I know your time is often limited in a business environment. My mobile studio can be set up in a corner, minimizing the intrusion in the work day. This is a great way of ensuring the entire staff is available for their headshots.

Alternatively, individuals can come to my studio on a scheduled basis. Cosplay portraits are typically done at various locations determined by their character and how we want to present them, unless you want a more 'formal' look. The sky's the limit.


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